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Its only since 20th century that humans have been using vehicular or other mechanised forms of transport extensively on this planet which has its own countless side effects . The Human body was conditioned for thousands of years like most other beings to endure most difficulties, but the present day lifestyles make us very vunerable primarily because we have lost touch with nature and machines have made us super lazy .Trekking is one of the best ways of rejuvenating the human body mind and soul but since we live in this century lets accept that with evolution of technology we have also been adapted to this modern lifestyle perticularly the need to Shower and have Seating toilets , Insulated mattresses, Ankle support Boots, Gore Tex Jackets, UV filter sunglasses etc .........

Considering all these factors we have been offering the best possible services in exterme conditions for many years we beleive in making things most comfortable under any circumstances. We offer Treks of all levels of difficulty from a simple Day hike to 45 days Trans Himalayan Traverse . Lush green valleys , Arid High altitude deserts or Glacial terrain whatever areas you prefer write to us and we will create an itinerary best suited for your needs. We have teams of professional Guides who are articulate in English & French. They are qualified for wilderness First Aid , have a very sensitive approach to the mountain Ecosystems and most importantly very knowledgable about the areas.

Lets GO :)

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